Toxic Love

Your love is toxic
It has turned me cold
So I'm leaving you now
With no one to hold

But you'll be ok
You've suffered far worse
As for me it turns out
My good heart was a curse

For you never loved me
The way I do you
You were too broken
What's messed up is, you knew

You should have sent me away
Before I fell like I did
I should have been warned
After all, I was just a kid

I can't say that I blame you
For letting me fall
For who wouldn't want
The love of a living doll

It kills me though
How hard I tried
When I realized the truth
I could have died

In a way I did
I died in my heart
Cus you knew you were toxic
Right from the start

So you go your way
This time I won't follow
Because your toxic love
Has left me numb, and hollow


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